Commissioners' Meeting

The Llano County Emergency Services District #4 met at 6:00 PM at the Oak Ridge Community Center on Monday, March 25, 2022. The following commissioners were present:

Gil Blount
Wynn Mabray
Jeannie Minnick
Bill Manno
  1. Call to order and established quorum:
    The meeting was called to order by Gil Blount, President of the Llano County ESD #4, at 6:00p.m. A quorum was established.
  2. Acknowledge visitors:
  3. Pledge of Allegiance:
    Gil Blount led the Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Approve Minutes from the February 28, 2021 meeting:
    There were no additions, corrections or objections so the minutes were unanimously approved as written.
    Motion unanimous, passed.
  5. Financial Report and approve payment of bills:
    Jeannie Minnick submitted the following financial report from data provided by First United Bank as of
    March 21, 2022:

    Bank Reconcillation - Cash
      Beginning Balance  86,761.40
      Taxes collected557.40  
      Prior Year00.00  
      Other Income(Fees/Interest/Attorney).50  
      Interest Earned9.62  
    Expenses Paid 
      HSB Fire Contract8,983.17  
      Boatright CPA125.00  
    Ending Balance  78,220.75

    Statement of Position
      Uncollected Taxes2,130.17 
      Fire contract balance due62,822.15 
      Unobligated funds17,468.77 

      Llano County 2021/2022 Tax Billing$112,856.16 
      21/22HSB Fire Contract$107,798.00 

    Bill Manno made a motion, seconded by Jeannie Minnick to accept the financial report.
    Motion unanimous, passed.

    Wynn Mabray made a motion, seconded by Jeannie Minnick to pay the following bills:
       HSB fire contract
    Motion unanimous, passed.
  6. Review of the ESD website and the archive requirements for ESD records:
    Bill Manno gave a review of the ESD website and the archive requirements for ESD records.
    Gil Blount asked Bill to obtain the nunber of hits the website had received this year. This data will be reported at the next ESD meeting.

  7. Adjourn:
    Gil Blount adjourned the meeting at 6:44 P.M..
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